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Do you know the diamond width or height of your existing fence?


Don't Guess...


Before ordering you need to measure your fence to assure you will receive the proper size slats for your fence.

If you order the wrong size you will be left with incorrect slats.


Below are some tips on determining the proper privacy slat for your fence.

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Determining The Correct Measurements For Your Fence

To determine slat width, measure the diamond size, example is a 2" diamond. Measure from the inside to inside of the diamond. Common sizes are 2", and 2 1/4". Lite Link and Hedgelink will fit both.

Note: With Top and Bottom Locking Slats you will need to specify your slat width size when ordering.


To determine proper height, measure from the tip of the bottom knuckle to the top tip of the top knuckle. Example fence is 4' height.

Common heights: 36", 42", 48", 60", 72", 84", 96", 108", 120", 144"

Note: We only stock 48", 60",and 72" all others are a special order.

Slat Installation Instructions

Step 1: Insert the bottom track, make sure to insert it into the top half of the first diamond.

Note: Top Locking slats will have a locking slat at the top of fence and slats will run through locking channel.


Step 2: Insert slats from the top down to the bottom locking track and lock them in. They should slide in easily, but locking them in is a little tricky. A pair of pliers is helpful but not necessary.

Note: Make sure you slide the notched end of the slat down first.


Step 3: The slats should be straight with the top rail. The gates are usually shorter than the fence, to get the right height you will need to cut the slats down. Scissors will do the job.

Note: You can mix the colors to give your fence a different look. Example is done with dark brown and beige.

Additional Notes

 EZ  slats, and Bottom locking Slats come with a "locking track".

Note: When you receive your order go through each package to make sure that the locking track was included. You should have two or three pieces that equal 10 feet when laid out end to end.


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